May 17th, 2009

talk the talk

thumbprints a forgery

Knock on wood, I leave Kirksville tomorrow. Forever. Never to return. How weird is that?

Today I packed and ate chinese take-out and hung out with my parents. We drove by the area the tornado(es) hit the other day - it was ridiculous. Buildings were in pieces, several houses were, ah, not exactly houses anymore, several cars at a car dealership were flipped upside down, and I'm damn glad that tornado wasn't any closer to me than it was. It was, what, maybe five miles away? That's five miles too close, if you ask me.

I had another good run tonight, 3.5 miles or so. Made up for my run Friday night, which was cut short after a lightning storm decided to roll into town. Collapse )

Tomorrow's going to be pretty busy: finish packing, meet with my landlady, go to the post office, stop at the registrar's office, go back to Chicago. I should probably, like, go to sleep or something. That's an idea.
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