April 26th, 2009

weathered the storm

boring boring boring boring DULL

I like this photo, so I'm sticking it in this entry. what.

I don't know why, but this weekend is seriously dragging. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love not having class (pun intended), but it seems like every time I check the clock only a minute has passed. I don't know.

Friday I got shit done, did my Russian homework for Monday and my Russian Culture current events scrapbook due Thursday. The scrapbook ended up being 31 pages. Yeah. I also hung out with Amanda and Jayne, which was nice. It was like sophomore year all over again, only minus Caitlin and with more awkwardness. Ah, memories.

I sat around all day Saturday and did nothing. It was nice but kind of frustrating - I have a ten page History paper due this Thursday that I really wanted to do this weekend. I thought that since I'd been so efficient Friday I'd actually be able to harness my motivation and get shit done. Uh. Well, maybe I'll work on it today? We'll see.

Instead of working on my paper, I uploaded photos to Facebook. Here are they are:
Senior Year 1
Senior Year 2

Also, here's a link to a ridiculously adorable youtube video of someone tickling a slow loris. I mean, holy shit. HOW CUTE WAS THAT?!?!
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