March 30th, 2009


but what's the point?

Have you ever had one of those stomping around, kicking things, nothing's going right in the world type of days? Yeah, that's been my life over the last few days. I had a lot of homework (translation, Russian exercises, a shitload of reading) and for whatever reason that, when combined with all the annoying little stuff, made for a pretty awful weekend.

One thing that contributed to this overall awful mood was a boil order. Yeah, I don't know if anyone read my last entry, but on Thursday they turned the water off for a good portion of Kirksville, and then they put everyone (well, me, at any rate) under a boil order. The only thing I drink is water, so this made the last few days kind of shitty.

Today's going to be pretty shitty too - lots of work. I have half a book to read, yet more homework to do, a translation or two, and I plan to get my senior portfolio done. Christ. Will I ever have free time again?

Sunday evening my Russian Culture class met at my professor's house for a Russian dinner which she prepared for us. It was, of course, delicious. While there are many reasons I loathe Truman - the location and bureaucratic nonsense being two biggies - I do like the fact that my teachers have us over for dinner on occasion. Good times.

The thought of graduation is beginning to give me an ulcer.
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