March 5th, 2009

you would think

The Sun Also Rises

Walking home from work, 6:15am.

I love the above shot. It was a complete accident - I was standing in the middle of the road, a car was coming up behind me, I saw the sky and then whipped out my camera. Not bad, I think!

In other news, my resume is pretty much completed, I have one class left this week, and then - spring break! I'll be sticking around Kirksville. Oh boy. My parents will be coming down, though, so that'll be a change from the norm at least. Hopefully none of us will go insane and start pulling knives...

I wrote up this big entry about how I'm actually happy with myself, my life, and so on... and then I accidentally deleted it. D'oh. Yeah, not so happy anymore. I may recreate it sometime soon.

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