March 3rd, 2009

suffocating in here

how do we reconcile this?

Ugh, I'm tired.

Dr. R, my Ancient Egypt professor, was in a pretty severe car accident over the weekend - severe enough that she's had surgery, is still in the hospital, and we won't be having class this week. This is the third week in a row that we haven't had class. Next week, which is spring break, will be the fourth. I feel horrible for Dr. R, but damn I'm glad we don't have class this week. Taking an 8:30 class my last semester of college was a very stupid idea.

I'm officially done with my capstone translation! Well, okay, not really. I'm done with the translating part; now I need to go back and edit. Editing's not as bad as translating, so whatever.

I have a History test today. It's not a midterm, since it only covers part of the information we've studied in class, but it's pretty big nonetheless. I've already studied quite a bit, so I think I'll only need to do one or two more go-throughs of my notes and I should be good to go.

This makes me laugh:
"Poor German! Why couldn't he mind his own business! Now he is left with no money and no pants. Very shameful!" - Kuzma, "Oh Those Yaroslavites, What a Fine Folk!"
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