February 26th, 2009

not a sign

we break open

I've been working on my resume/CV lately, which has made me realize two things:
1) I'm great at bullshitting job descriptions.
2) I have done more in my life than I thought I have.

I find it so ridiculous that I'm actually writing about my resume and applying for jobs in this journal. I mean, god, that's what grown-ups do. How bizarre.

I didn't have my 8:30 class again today (er, yesterday), so I slept in and spent a good portion of the day studying. I managed to get my homework done for the week, which was a huge step in the right direction. Now I just need to do my capstone translation and I'll be set for the weekend, too. The weather was amazing today, too - 60*. I wore shorts for the second (third?) time this month. Thanks, Global Warming!

After Russian, I visited Prof. B, who told me to call her by her first name since I'm not officially her student any more. This is almost as bizarre as writing my resume. We talked about Russia for a while (surprise!) and she said that she's willing to be a reference. Thank god. I wasn't too worried about this since she's written a couple other recommendation letters for me in the past, but all the same, I'm glad it worked out.
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