December 7th, 2008

if you dare

circling the square

I just walked to work and practically froze to death. It's 14 degrees. Obviously I would not survive a winter in Russia. (Note how I rationalize my decisions. Sigh.) Then again, wearing a hat might have been a good idea. Just maybe.

My finals week:
Monday: sleep, rest, relaxation
Tuesday: 11:30am Russian Drama "final". We'll be eating food and acting out a few plays (Zoya's Apartment by Bulgakov, Theater of the Soul by Evreinov, and Squaring the Circle by Kataev).
Wednesday: reading day. I will be recovering from working the previous night, and I might even study for my Russian final.
Thursday: 1:30pm Russian final. If I study a little, I should do fine. I might also study for my Stats final.
Friday: 7:30am Stats final. I'm only kidding about the studying. Oh, and I work that night.

Saturday I pack; I head home on Sunday. It'll be weird to be back in Chicago. I haven't spent more than a week there in the last six months. That's the longest I've ever been away from "home." I plan to spend my break reading, writing, resting, sending off applications, and attempting to give my cat shots for diabetes. (Which was just diagnosed yesterday. Kind of worried about it, but you know, things will work out one way or another. That's life.)
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