October 21st, 2008

talk the talk

some very pleasant

Today (Monday) was a very good day.

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Then there was the Stats test. I mean, yeah, it was a test, but it wasn't anywhere near as horrible as I was expecting and I think I did fairly well. Later, we got back our midterms in Public Speaking. The class average was 65%. I got 76%. We spent the class period going over every question and trying to convince the professor why our answers were correct. By the end of the class I ended up with a 97%. How awesome is that? I love professors who don't know how to write tests.

I ate good food for lunch and relaxed, and later met up with Amanda at the SUB and we chilled. Only two people showed up to Russian, but I was prepared, so class went smoothly for a change. After class I met with Dr. J and we discussed my paper - and she really liked it. I broke my streak of decreasing grades! Very exciting. We then switched to discussing registration. Turns out I'm going to graduate on time, bitches! AND I can fill out a waiver to get out of taking 9201 credits next semester. AND my summer class transferred to Truman. That's 10 credits worth of A's. My GPA is officially over a 3.5. Hot damn!

To top the day off, I got free (slightly stale, but still edible) donuts from the c-store.

On the other hand, I didn't get much sleep before work, so this is going to be a very long night. But hey! I'm happy. That makes up for it. And yeah, I know this entry was lame, but WHATEVER. Happiness > sounding stupid.
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