August 16th, 2008

dark & alone

Trace the memory with your finger tips.

This is just a quick entry to let everyone know I'm still alive.

Some recent events:
- I cut my hair. No pictures until I, uh, remember to take them.
- I returned to Missouri and yesterday I moved into my new apartment. Everything is completely set up and unpacked. It's fucking amazing. I'm 98% certain that I'm going to enjoy having my own place. (Without roommates!)
- I need to get a(nother) copy of my lease so I can go to the post office and get a key to my mailbox. Receiving mail would be nice. Well, okay, considering how the vast majority of my mail is bound to be bills, maybe not.
- I have a working computer and... no internet. Yeah, the person who didn't make their wireless private last year wised up (or moved out), so I'm either going to have to pay for internet or go without. Going without would be nice, but good grief, I'm addicted to the internet. I don't think I could go without it for very long. I need to find out what hours the college library is open. This is the first time I've had internet access in way too long. I'm so ridiculous.

Adios for now.
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