August 5th, 2008

fist to face

Don't take a genius to understand the reason why.

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I'm doing surprisingly well on verbs of motion. As in, I've barely been making any mistakes. I'm kind of impressed with myself, actually. We just have three hours of grammar tomorrow, our final Thursday, and we get grades/the program ends on Friday. Where did the summer go? Christ. School starts in t-minus 2.5 weeks. I still have to go to Chicago and then Missouri and move to my new apartment and buy books and study for the GRE/LSAT and apply to random jobs and scholarships and programs...

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A woman I talk to occasionally tried to convert me today. That gave me warm fuzzies. I don't know if she was more distressed to hear that I'm ethnically Jewish or that I'm an atheist.

Also, I'm voting for Paris Hilton. Are you? (And doesn't her energy plan make a lot of sense?)
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