August 2nd, 2008

dark & alone

fire watch

If I sit on a certain spot on my bed, with the sun shining just right, I can see my computer screen without a flashlight. If you think I'm slightly addicted to the internet then you're probably right. On the other hand, I've been writing (by hand) and reading like a motherfucker, so I'm not quite as addicted as you may think. Okay, I should probably stop qualifying the existence of my computer addiction and shut up now.

I have an appointment to take the Russian OPI tomorrow night. I'll be taking it by phone again, which kinda sucks. I mean, fuck, I have enough issues with phone interviews in English, let alone phone interviews in a language I can barely speak. Then again, I'm not as nervous as I was the last time I took it. I think this time I'll actually be able to make my way through the conversation without worrying about grammar, pronunciation, or sounding like a total idiot. Come on, super advanced! (lol yeah right)

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On an unrelated topic, today I was propositioned by a 70 year old man.

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