July 28th, 2008

already dead


Here's a list of things that have kind of being worrying me as of late:

1) Tomorrow's test on participles. I know how to use them, I know how to form them, I know what they do and what they mean but goddamn it, I just can't come up with them off the top of my head! And you KNOW that the test will consist of nothing but that. So basically I'm going to fail miserably. That's kind of depressing. And unlikely. But depressing nonetheless.

2) Placing into fourth year Russian. My friend Jeff did this program last summer and managed to place into the fourth year with relatively little trouble, but we've been facebooking a bit recently and he told me about what the placement exam covers: participles, verbs of motion, and deverbal adjectives. First of all, deverbal what?! We'll be studying verbs of motion next week, as part of our last chapter. And participles, well, see above. He also said that oral skills are important. I can't fucking speak in any language, let alone fucking Russian! Christ, I really fucking hope I didn't waste my money to do this goddamn program. I also hope that I'll graduate on time. Fuck, I don't have the money or desire to do a fifth year of college. I mean, I'll end up going to Russia for my fifth year (might as well make it count...), but I don't know where I'll find the money. Christ. ANGST ANGST ANGST

3) What I'm going to do after college. Oh god I'm going to be entering the real world in t-minus 10 months (give or take a year or so). How the hell am I going to survive? I know how to put off studying and speak in tongues, and, uh, that's about it. I'm going to end up living in my parents' basement, I just know it. Okay, calm down, Adam. Focus on volunteering. Fixing the world. Optimism. Teaching shit to a bunch of ungrateful little brats. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

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