July 17th, 2008

fist to face

come on storm, let's form a cloud

Russian midterm: 5. That is because I kick ass on all sorts of levels. Plus, I actually understand verbal adverbs (e.g. "While eating dinner, they talked about life" - "Ужиная, они разговаривали о жизни"). That's pretty exciting. Tomorrow we have a test covering chapter 5 for which I kinda haven't studied, but whatever. I'll survive. Maybe.

While I haven't exactly been eating healthy as of late, I have been eating smaller portions. See, my primary issue with food is that I have no concept of self-control. I'll eat a big bag of potato chips in a day, an entire pizza in a few hours, and so on. I really have to struggle not to eat like this, but it's damn difficult. I'm still a fat kid at heart (possibly literally!), and I never actually learned proper eating habits. But yeah, getting back to the subject: this week I've been successful in portion control, although there was a 28 hour period in which I didn't eat a thing, but that was kind of an accident. Regardless of my utter and complete failure as a human being, hey! At least I'm making progress.

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