June 26th, 2008

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Got back our first test today... I received a 5- on it, which is more or less the equivalent of an A-. I apparently did better than most of the people in my class, which - considering how many mistakes I make on a daily basis - is pretty damn awesome.

I finished my homework for tomorrow in between classes today... which means I don't have to do anything else until Sunday. I am thoroughly pleased with myself. I'm really looking forward to this weekend. I need some time to rest and think in English for a change... plus, if I drank, this would be the perfect opportunity to get completely shitfaced. Oh well!

Also, Russian/Russian-speaking folks out there: would you give me some Russian music recommendations? I've liked Zemfira (of course), Seryoga, Glyukoza, t.A.T.u., and Cmyslovye Gallyutsinatsii... I'm most interested in rock and rap right now, but I'll listen to pretty much anything. Спасибо большое!
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