May 20th, 2008


That it's all just a bunch of matter.

Ah, reading for pleasure. How I have missed you.

A question for all you Russian speakers out there: что значит "Приветик"? Я думаю, что это "hey." On a semi-related topic, I've been doing a lot of Russian lately (reading and writing). I also figured out how to properly use то, что (which means "that which" or "what"). God, I love Russian.

I'm writing a little. Not much, but some. I've been experimenting with style - less description and adjectives - so what description I do use is more poignant. Or maybe I'm just full of shit. Whatever.

Today I got an external harddrive for my computer. What this means: I will no longer have to worry about losing everything on my computer the next time it crashes - which, knowing my luck, will occur within the next five minutes.

Top 5 Songs of the Last 5 Minutes:
Sam Sparro - Black and Gold
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Let's Make Out
Late of the Pier - Focker
Soko - I'll Kill Her
Revl9n - Walking Machine
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    Sam Sparro - Black and Gold