May 14th, 2008

already dead

The trees will shake their asses till their leaves fall down

DP is okay. It's non-stop reading and sleeping and watching the news. Very dull. I miss eating (relatively) healthy. It's funny how I eat so poorly whenever I come home. It's easier to eat healthy when you're poor and can only afford ramen and tortillas. I keed, I keed... sorta.

Today I transferred a few hundred songs from my mother's computer to mine. As I was going through my old music folders, I found it particularly interesting to note how many random songs I had by bands I only "discovered" in the last 2-3 years (e.g. The Long Blondes, Ambulance LTD). Keep in mind that I stopped using my mother's computer about four years ago.

I broke one of my flip flops this evening. I'm kind of annoyed about that. It's not like I wear them to go out or anything, but I hate going barefoot, and they're nice to wear around the house. Plus, I was going to use them as shower shoes this summer. This is reason #139 why I need to go shopping. Ugh. Maybe Amazon will have something good?

I went digging through my flashdrive and found an old story I thought I'd lost. I'm rather happy about this discovery. It's a rather humorous story with an interesting plot; I'm currently editing and adding more to it. I'm sure you care, especially since you won't be reading it any time soon. Suckers.
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