May 11th, 2008

furious angels

Travel to the Mountains, Travel to the Sea

I've made my biannual escape from the 'ville. Chicago is okay, pretty boring, as per usual. I've listened to a lot of music, read a little, and wrote a little. I'll probably do the same thing for the next few weeks. And then WV. And then IU. And then back to Missouri (or maybe DP and then Kville?). Whatever.

I've been a little frustrated with my writing as of late. I'm plotting and outlining like a motherfucker, but the words just won't come. Apparently I can't write in anything except the first person progressive anymore. That's a little distressing. On the other hand, I've made some progress with character motives in a certain story, so I guess that makes up for my writing issues.

I ran tonight... and my knee didn't hurt! I'm very happy about this. I'm really, incredibly uncomfortable running in my neighborhood here, and I don't know why. It's probably because it's so populated. I wish I lived closer to a track.

New goal in life: hike the Appalachian trail. My Aunt has already biked across America, so that's out, and the backpacking across Europe thing is totally passé (and I'll do it whenever I get to Europe). We'll see if I actually do it... next summer...
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