May 8th, 2008

this is me

a man in control

To summarize this post: finals week! I'm done with JINS, Russian lang, French Business, and Russian Lit. Massively awesome party with awesome people on Tuesday night, some of whom I may never see again. Now all I need to do is go to my French Phonology final on Friday, do a little packing, and I will be a senior in college. How the fuck did that happen? Christ.

Finals week... the final frontier.

Monday: I had my Russian oral final. I talked about Sil'naya Ruka, which was great, considering how it's my favorite story. I did quite well. I then went and studied for Tuesday's Russian final with Amanda. I was also fed. What do I like best about the end of the semester? Free food from my friends who are trying to use up the rest of their meals. Hurrah.

Tuesday: I had my Russian final. I didn't study too much for it, because I figured that I had a solid B. Well, I turn it in, and Prof. B asks me, "How do you think you did?" "Pretty well," I say. "Good! You had 90% going into the final." Well, fuck.

Tuesday night was the Russian Club sleepover. We had dinner at the Super China Buffet or whatever its name is--the new Chinese place next to Wal-Mart. It was VERY good. I highly recommend it. We then went to Wal-Mart for blini/cookie provisions, and then we went to Erin/Amanda's place. Some keywords from the evening: tent, fireworks, "I like the smell of smoke..." "I like the smell of burning flesh!", disgusting alcoholic beverages that weren't so disgusting after all, Russian Ark, trampoline, Big Trouble in Little China, cuddle party, dance party, outside dance party. It was a lot of fun. I ended up wimping out and skipped out on the actual sleeping part of the sleepover, since Wednesday was going to be such a shitty day. Also, I ended up finishing my French Business lesson plan, so that was nice.

Wednesday (and Thursday morning): I signed the lease to my apartment next year! I took the placement exam for my summer program. My roommates rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned the fuck out of the carpets. I finished my French Phonology take-home exam before midnight, and I just finished revising my final Russian Lit paper.
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