April 28th, 2008

furious angels

And I know the truth and so do you

I've been busy lately. And stressed. At this point in the semester, this is not terribly surprising.

Friday night I went to Caitlin's party, which was okay. I went to bed late and woke up early the next day to start cooking for the Russian Club dinner. A bunch of us spent most of Saturday and Sunday cooking for that mofo. I got a total of about seven or eight hours of sleep this weekend, since I had to work and cook so damn much. The results were delicious, but holy fuck was it ever stressful.

My leg (knee) was getting worse for a few days there - mainly because I just haven't had the time to rest - but after the dinner last night I came home and immediately got into bed. I was laying down for approximately 12 hours, which worked wonders. I also cancelled a few of my meetings today, so after Business, I went home and laid down. Now I'm relatively well-rested and my leg is feeling a little better. Also, thanks to the effervescent Amanda (aka Red, Marie, Stu, Ken, Bro, etc) I have wrapped my knee with an Ace bandage and it's not hurting anywhere near as much as it was. Hopefully with some more rest and aspirin I'll be able to run sometime soon.

I have a shitload of stuff to do between now and the end of next week, which is when I will (probably) return to DP. My workload will only multiply if I get The Scholarship. I find out in "early May," whatever that means. Now... it's time to study. Or procrastinate. Whatever.
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