April 24th, 2008



I am a horrible student. Excuse me while I fail out of college and end up living in a box in an obscure back alley of Mogadishu, where I will ply my wares in order to survive. That's a shitload of italicized melodrama right there, folks. Or, in other words: fuck, I'm fucked.

So before the end of the semester I may go out drinking with a certain pretentious Philosophy Guy we all know and... well, love isn't the right word. Despise? Mock constantly behind his back? Insult on a daily basis? This will indeed be a night to remember (!).

I feel as if the invent of Facebook Chat has made Facebook jump the shark. I am seriously this close to deleting my account. So if I'm suddenly gone one day... you'll know why.
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Tell me how the road turns this time, baby

I'm really frustrated and tired and worn out and depressed.

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the future will turn around and rear its ugly head
turn to me with the widest smile and treat me like i'm dead
i can't see the way before my eyes and i'm full of dread
then he turns and says "it's a pity
because it's all inside your head"
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    Carrie Akre - Hide a Lie