April 3rd, 2008


Love and you made a man of me

- Куда ты идёшь?
- Еду рыбу ловить.
- Как едешь? Ведь ты пешком идёшь, а в руках у тебя не удочки, а коса. Значит, ты идёшь сено косить.
- Ну, а если ты видишь, куда я иду, зачем спрашиваешь?

The faucets in our bathtub have been leaking pretty severely for the last month or so, and today a handyman finally came over. The water has been off since 10:30. I'd really like to, y'know, go to the bathroom or take a shower. Oh well. Maybe after my run tonight...

I registered for classes today. Things will probably change a bit, but I'll be taking Russian language, Russian Drama, Soviet History, Public Speaking, and Statistics. Can't say I'm particularly looking forward to the latter two.
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