March 30th, 2008


Don't drink Cola, drink Nikolu!

Blini night was rather fun. All together, we ate somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 blini, a frozen pizza, a carton of ice cream (in under a half hour), and half a bottle of Kvas. Around 11pm Danielle came home drunk, so I watched her until about 1am. I feel sorry for my neighbors.

My neck is killing me. It started bugging me on Friday, when I was at Hy-Vee, and aspirin isn't helping. I don't think it's meningitis as I can nod my head up and down, and I don't have any other symptoms (photo/phonophobia, a high fever, etc). On the other hand, it hurts to shake my head back and forth and I'm congested. I was also able to go running, so I doubt it's anything serious.

On a completely unrelated note: why the hell is Cancer Ward taking me so damn long to finish?
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