March 24th, 2008

this is me

All that I want for all my life is you to know, you to know

Even though it's definitely not about running, Communiqué's song "Perfect Weapon" is, in my opinion, one of the best running songs on my iPod. our bodies keep sweating / we've got the perfect weapon

It's been about three days since I've turned 21 and I still have not taken a sip of alcohol. Suck it, societal expectations! (No comment on any activities that may or may not have occurred prior to my 21st.)

My weekend in Kansas City was pretty much amazing.

Friday: Amanda drove Caitlin and I (me?) to Liberty, where we met up with Caitlin's friends. We then went to Westport - a neighborhood in KC - where we had bubble tea. Then we went to Marie's house, where we danced until midnight. Then Amanda and I headed off to Blue Springs and went to bed.

Saturday: Amanda and I met Kara and her friend Caralynn (or, uh, some similar spelling) at an amazing Mongolian restaurant in downtown KC. We then went to World Market in Westport, where I contemplated buying such intriguing alcoholic beverages as "Chardonyeah," "Mad Housewife," and - my personal favorite - "HE'BREW: The Chosen Beer." Instead, I bought an African mask. We then drove into Kansas, where we went to an Eastern European market, a free-trade market, and an oriental market. Following that, we went to Louisburg, where we got cider-dipped doughnuts and visited Kara's house, which is both in the middle of nowhere and uncomfortably close to a Southern Baptist church. Then we returned to KC, where we bid one another adieu. Then Amanda and I went back to Blue Springs, picked up Jamesypoo, and went to an IHOP in Independence, where we met up with Caitlin/Marie/Bethany again. Then we went to Wal-Mart. Then bed.

Sunday I hung out with Amanda for a while, and then Caitlin and I chilled. (Did I seriously just use the word "chilled"?) Then I returned to Kville with Caitlin and her mother. Today I did very little... possibly too little.

Needless to say, my college friends are pretty much amazing. Thanks you guys! You're awesome! (Pictures will be on Facebook/Flickr within the week. In the mean time, I've got to study for French. And JINS.)
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