March 7th, 2008

already dead

Thought we were devoid

Some things that have happened recently:
- I spent more time dreading my Russian Lit paper than I spent writing it. From start to finish, it took me 4.5 hours to write a little over 12 pages. Sup sluts?!
- I spent more time dreading my Russian test than I spent studying for it. I then totally dominated the free world. What what! (I'm so white.)
- Except for last night, every night this week I went to bed after 3am. Last night I went to bed at 2am.
- My roommates and I ate dog biscuits, possibly due to a combination of a surplus of stress and a lack of sleep. They... really didn't taste like anything.

Spring break starts today, bitches! Of course, everyone I know has left... including my roommates, so I get the place to myself. It's nice. And quiet.

For the record, my favorite song right now is Roscoe by Midlake. I've listened to it about 50 million times over the last few days. I mean, I don't know what the fuck the song is about, but goddamn is it amazing.
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    Midlake - Roscoe