January 28th, 2008

already dead

I guess I have to compromise

It hit 60 degrees today. About a week ago it was somewhere in the single digits. Geez, global warming.

The weekend was ridiculously eventful. Friday night I went (well, okay, I was dragged to) Amanda & Erin's Hitchcock movie night. I left at about 10:30, and ended up going to Caitlin's, where we played card games and fooled around for a few hours. Saturday was Amanda and Erin's Shakeshot party. Basically, they offered a variety of flavors of milkshakes in shot glasses, completely nonalcoholic. It was ridiculously fun. There are quite a few pictures up on Facebook (since there was something like seven cameras were floating around the party). After the party, I went to work. Sunday I studied. Today I went to class and did four (4) pages of French homework. Now I'm just sitting around eating poptarts and listening to music. Fuck yeah.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but I'm teaching my friend Amanda (Russian Amanda, not first-friend-at-Truman Amanda) French. I teach her for about 45 minutes three times a week, give her homework, and I will be giving her a "test" on Friday. For someone who has only been studying French for two weeks, she's doing ridiculously well. I'm quite proud... and envious. At this rate she'll be fluent by the end of the semester. Punk.

The following picture perfectly depicts... something...:
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