December 11th, 2007

if you dare

raise the roof

Just because this is how all the cool kids are starting their journal entries: ICE STORM!!!111 Walking to campus in this type of weather is a bitch. I don't recommend it.

I had the French Lit final yesterday. It went swimmingly. I finished within 15 minutes; almost as fast as my Anthro final back in Freshman year (11 minutes) and PoliSci the same semester (14 minutes). I then met up with Amanda, and we studied for today's Russian final. Then Russian Club. Then I came home and pretended I was being efficient.

Today was the Russian final. The first three pages were... okay... whereas the Chekhov reading was excellent and my essay was fantastic. Even after double checking my answers, I was the second person to finish (in 1.5 hours), and when I went up to turn the final in, Prof. B said, "You DO know you had an 89% going into the final, right?" My response: "UHHHHHH WTF." So there's a possibility that I will get an A in the class. That would pretty much make my life. How it happened, I don't know, but I'm trying real hard not to complain.

Then I came home and ate junk food and the power went out for a few hours, so I took a nap. Now I'm eating more junk food and contemplating working on papers before I head off to work tonight (10:30-6am, bitches). So. Yes.
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