November 25th, 2007

suffocating in here

Live are lost and children are born.

Well, my parents have left. Even though they drove me crazy at times, it was good having them. And by "they drove me crazy" I really mean "my dad drove me crazy." It's okay, I'll get to spend a few weeks with them in Chicago before long, and that will REALLY make me want to stay in Kville.

My novel is, well, it's getting there. Sort of. Some days I write a lot, others I don't even touch it. I don't know if I'll finish it this month, but I'll try. I'm pretty sure I'll have to change the title, even if I do love "Back Roads." With a certain plot twist that occurred in chapter five, that title really isn't suitable anymore (well, not until chapter nine). "In the Laurel" fits the plot better, but honestly, I really don't like it. "Fathers and Brothers" might work... oh well, I have some time before the title actually matters.

I have a ridiculously large number of papers to write in the next few weeks. At least two of them -- maybe as many as three -- will involve Dostoesvky's Notes From Underground, just because I'm a total whore for that book. Due this week: 3 page History, 5 page Survey. Due next week: 5 page French, 12-15 page Dostoevsky. Due by the end of finals week: 10 page Survey, 10 page French. Bullshit, don't fail me now!

I have been at the hall desk since 11:30. I'm tired and annoyed; not a single person has checked in. Whatever.
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