November 17th, 2007

history's great navigators

nervous wreck

Went to the Dukum last night with Amanda & Leigh. We saw two really shitty local bands and The Melismatics, who were good, probably because they aren't local. We danced: Amanda and I did the Macarena; Leigh did the Junkie; and I also did the Robot. It was pretty much the greatest moment of my life. Then, after loitering in C-Hall, I returned to the apartment to find that Jessika's party had devolved into miscellaneous girls vomiting. Woo.

Before I went out, I randomly decided to make some orange rolls. They were pretty much amazing.

Today I have a NaNoWriMo write-in at JavaCo, the Demetri Martin show (if Kara still has a ticket?), and I work tonight. At some point I'd like to, y'know, write, sleep, eat, and maybe do my laundry, but those are all secondary issues in the scheme of things. Well, sorta.
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