November 9th, 2007

this is me

le temps ne passe pas

What a long week.

Last night I spent 3.5 hours in the library analyzing an ancient French poem in order to prepare for a presentation today. Of course, we didn't present, and based on the professor's participation in the other exposés, most of our work was for nought.

This will be a busy weekend. Writing, making blini and writing with Kara!, writing, studying with Amanda!, finding the energy to write a History paper and read Anna K and Brothers K, writing, slitting my wrists, etc, etc.

I'm waaaay motherfucking behind on my wordcount. No shit. I'm working on catching up and I refuse to go to bed until I hit 11,000 words. Hopefully that will be within an hour. Tomorrow I plan on writing until I either pass out or until I pass through to a new state of existence, whichever comes first. I'm betting on the former.
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