November 1st, 2007

consider it dug

"In Quincy, you'd be in jail. Prison, in fact. Pound-you-in-the-ass prison!"

National Novel Writing Month has begun. Let the insanity begin!

I'm writing a rather depressing story I began back in August. Right now I'm rewriting what little I wrote before, and it's going pretty well. It's currently called "Back Roads", but I may rename it (probably to "Into The Laurel" or something along those lines).

Some information about novels from yesteryear:
2003: School Night - YA - finished on the 28th
2004: Sleep Tight - Fantasy - finished on the 29th
2005: Murder at French Creek - Mystery - finished on the 10th
2006: To Find The Horsemen - Fantasy - got halfway through the book & the month and gave up
2007: Back Roads - YA - participating... and hopeful?

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