October 30th, 2007

already dead

free spirits ain't settin' no one's spirit free

Since I haven't posted a recent picture of myself in a while...

Today I wrote 8 pages (of two different papers) by 11am, and then went on to actually speak & make fairly intelligent comments in both Survey and T&D. It was very exciting. I like sounding smarter than I really am. I got an extension on my Survey paper, which is a good thing, because I just don't have time to write it. When I got back from campus I ate a massive sandwich and took a nap. Good stuff.

Russian was cancelled tomorrow, but I still have to get up early for the Russian lit thing with Dr. J, which is totally lame and a waste of good printer ink. On the other hand, both Survey and Tolstoy/Dostoevsky were cancelled on Thursday, so I get a day off. Huzzah!

While walking to campus a few weeks ago.
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