October 14th, 2007

this is me

Do I look like a punching bag to you?

Here's a list of ways girls abuse me:
1. At least three punch me... on the same arm... in the same spot (while you may not be punching hard, three people punching me repeatedly in the same spot DOES fucking hurt)
2. One kicks me (once in the balls)
3. two verbally abuse me
4. One throws things at me

Possible reasons why I am being abused:
1. Girls are weird (this is true)
2. They haven't gotten past the 1st grade as far as flirting is concerned (which is probable, and goddamn it, being abused is not fucking attractive!)
3. I look like a punching bag (dear god, I hope not)

Explain this to me, please.

In other news, I truly don't think that my Tolstoy paper could get any worse. I have a detailed 8 page outline, I just can't turn that into a 12-15 page paper. Plus I have a Russian test tomorrow and a five page History paper due Wednesday on a book I have not yet begun and a five page French paper and a French test and... even though this is a four-day week, I'm still busy as fuck.
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