September 24th, 2007

this is me

Not gonna lie: the "War" part of War and Peace is pretty shitty.

Amanda & me, taken at work last night. It's a good picture of me, and I find Amanda's expression downright hysterical.

My weekend was fairly eventful. Lots of food and fun and happiness. Yesterday, I hung out with the roommates and watched a few movies (including Something to Talk About, Labyrinth, and... something else), and then I went over to Caitlin's house and a group of us played Presidents and Cranium. My team (me, Amanda, and Vinnie) TOTALLY won. I'd like to say that it's due to my mad spelling skillz--I got luscious and jettison--but it was a team effort. We rule. So yeah, then we went to Pancake City, ate, and I went to work. Work was long, but fairly eventful, since Amanda was there until four and Brandy was holding a mini-party when I first got there. Then I walked home, talked with Jessika--who was up early for a lacrosse meet in KC--and went to bed. This was a horrible paragraph, but I'm tired and I doubt anyone actually cares about my weekend anyways, so whatever.

I didn't do much today; I studied a little Russian and made some progress on War and Peace. Very, very slow progress. I plan on reading another hundred pages before bed. Tomorrow I need to read a few more hundred pages in W&P and write my Pushkin paper for Tuesday. And... that's about that.
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