September 21st, 2007

suffocating in here

brush my face and wash my teeth

Last night, as I was walking to work, I passed by the C-Hall kitchen... where they were baking donuts. It reminded me of the SYSCO building in DP; depending on the wind, you can smell the most delicious cookies and food products.

In this thread on the SDMB, grad students are bemoaning their 300-500 pp/week reading schedule. Fucking Christ, y'all can suck my cock, you rancid cunts! I'm a fucking junior in college and I've got twice that much to read.

Things to do: 5 page Ivan the Terrible paper, studying for a Russian test, read War & Peace, 5 page Pushkin paper, Russian reading, 15 page Tolstoy paper (Sevastopol, Family Happiness, or Childhood? decisions, decisions), 5 page Chanson de Roland paper, slitting my wrists as the cycle repeats, etc.

I'm doing my homework in my underwear. It's fucking amazing. I may have to turn this into a habit.
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