September 15th, 2007

history's great navigators

The Places You Will Go

Today I learned that duct tape can be used in the place of a push-up bra, to greater effect. No word on exactly how painful the removal of said tape would be.

I also learned that biographies on ancient despots are damn boring... and don't have enough pictures. On the other hand, "Semen" is apparently the transliterated name of some random 16th century Russian nobleman, and that just makes me laugh. A lot.

Work tonight. Gotta read Eugene Onegin, more Ivan the Terrible, and (sigh) War and Peace. I also need to finish reading the Russian excerpts of Childhood (Tolstoy), Poor Folk (Dostoevsky), and Queen of Spades (Pushkin) for the lit meetings with Dr. J this week. I should also do the Russian Lang homework and study for the quiz on Monday/the test on Wednesday and begin writing one of the many papers that are due sometime soon... I also want to write some more fiction. God, I have so much to do and so little time... no wonder I'm constantly tired.
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