September 4th, 2007

suffocating in here


Let's see.

I have a ridiculously heavy reading load this semester. I read Poor Folk by Dostoevsky and a good portion of Belkin's Tales by Pushkin last night... tonight I have Russian History and Tolstoy's Childhood (and more Belkin's Tales). Tomorrow is more Tolstoy and Pushkin... and it keeps on coming and coming. I also have to find time to read War and Peace, 'cos shit, that book is fucking massive.

The weekend was okay. I made some money, didn't sleep nearly enough, and had a mini-soiree at my apartment (Jayne cooked dinner; Joselyn, Amanda, and I all helped; and Caitlin and Brian later showed up) and I have quite a few pictures and videos that I'll upload... eventually.

Not to sound totally ignorant, but how exactly does one respond to a personal? Someone "woo"d me on OkCupid, and I suppose I'm intrigued. Alas, if only I had a way with words!

I just scratched myself on my desk. I need to pay the rent. I need to sign off my loan, turn in the papers that let me substitute my Russian Film class for a major requirement, and study, study, study. I work tomorrow night and again on Saturday night. I really love Pushkin. Goodnight, Moon.
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