August 29th, 2007

weathered the storm

built in girls are all that i'll ever need

The rest of my classes: Survey of Russian Lit looks like it'll be a pretty simple discussion-based class. The reading won't be too awful and there won't be that many papers. Plus, I have a ton of friends in the class--Amanda, Sara, and most of Russian Club, too. Major Russian Writers is my first 400-level college class, and it kind of scares me.. a lot. However, there are only five people in the class, and it's frickin' Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, so it'll be pretty much amazing, I think.

I had a meeting with my advisor today. It was okay. My classes were pretty okay. After French Lit, I went to the rec center with Caitlin and we ran/walked like whoa. There was a meeting for the people working at the hall desk/night monitors this evening, and I work twice a week: 2-6am Thursday and Saturday nights. Come visit me!

So, since I live a mile off-campus, I've been doing quite a bit of walking as of late. On Monday I walked five miles; Tuesday I walked four miles; and today I walked six miles (and ran two). My tan has noticeably darkened, and I'm pretty sure that I'm already thinner than I was. Here's an absolutely shocking equation: eating healthy + lots of exercise = good results!

I have a LOT of reading tonight/tomorrow night/this weekend/this month/this semester. A lot a lot. I'm trying to save a few hours a day for resting purposes, but I've been having trouble finding the time. At least work will get me some much-needed time to study. Now, on to Poor Liza... (... and The Cloak, and The Stationmaster, and maybe a little more Poor Folk...).
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