April 21st, 2007

suffocating in here

A message from my desk: "Secret Lair, Shhh!"

"We atheists do not believe in gods, or angels, or demons, or souls that endure, or a meeting place after all is said and done where more can be said and done and the point of it all revealed. We don’t believe in the possibility of redemption after our lives, but the necessity of compassion in our lives. We believe in people, in their joys and pains, in their good ideas and their wit and wisdom. We believe in human rights and dignity, and we know what it is for those to be trampled on by brutes and vandals. We may believe that the universe is pitilessly indifferent but we know that friends and strangers alike most certainly are not. We despise atrocity, not because a god tells us that it is wrong, but because if not massacre then nothing could be wrong." Preach it, brother.

Any time I try to explain my beliefs, I end up insulting 93% of my friends (while the other 7% laugh a lot and nod their heads in agreement). Since I rather enjoy having friends, I shall refrain from making any unnecessary comments. Needless to say, I agree with that article & wholeheartedly recommend that all you xians out there give it a good read. And while I'm at it, would anyone care to forsake God and convert to atheism? I get a shiny new nickel for every new conversion...

The Week From Hell is over. The Week From Hell Version 2.0 (aka "Oh God I'm So Ridiculously Entirely Fucked") is about to begin. Oh God, I'm so fucked. And not even in the good way. :'(

I think I'm going to stop watching Grey's Anatomy. The Izzie/George thing is fucking ridiculous, the Meredith-died-and-recovered-within-an-hour!!! was downright pathetic, and you know things are bad when the only likeable character is Alex. Jesus Crossdressin' Christ.
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