April 5th, 2007

wasn't my bullet

This is one of the gayest posts of all time.

I know that maybe two people out there actually care,


FluxBlog has posted the new Tori Amos single, Big Wheel. Apparently the entire album has been leaking, but this is the first I've heard of it.

It sounds like a continuation of Scarlet's Walk & The Beekeeper, with a strong dose of "southern rock" (Dixie Chicks-style). It's... good. Not her best track ever (Pretty Good Year, anyone?), but significantly better than most of the alternative BS she pulled on SW & TBK.

On the other hand, the lyrics are back to the old Tori we knew and loved. Some examples: "get off the cross / we need the wood / somehow you will rise," "I'm gonna turn your whiskey / boy, into rain / wash you away / wash you away boy," and--I seriously couldn't come up with this shit on my own--"I-I-I am a M-I-L-F / don't you forget."

Yes, Tori, you are a mother most people would like to fuck. Thank you for reminding us. The only problem: the vast majority of your fanbase is gay. So. Where does that leave you?
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