March 9th, 2007

this is me

We throw our hands up like we don't care anymore.

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The 65DaysOfStatic album is quite possibly the greatest thing I've heard all year, no fuckin' joke. And if you want some great (amazing, phenomenal, [insert other accolades here]) rap, check out P.O.S. You think rap is bad? You obviously haven't heard this man. And even if you don't like rap, I suggest that you remove the broom from your anus and listen. /hostility

I head back to Missouri tomorrow & I haven't even touched my Film paper yet. Shit. Well, at least I have until Wednesday.

I miss being healthy. Any Kirksvillains out there want to join me on a daily jaunt? Running or walking, I'm not picky. I know tons of routes around the 'ville, I just haven't had the motivation to utilize them as of late. Contact me if you're interested.
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    P.O.S. - Paul Kersey To Jack Kimball