February 3rd, 2007

suffocating in here

you wrung me out too too too many times

Long day. Night monitoring was boring--the usual mix of drunks, pretentious assholes, and annoying fratwats. I did my laundry after work, which I normally wouldn't write about, but doing laundry once a month is always something to commemorate. So. Commemoration.

This afternoon/evening was a nice break from the norm. I got a call from Amanda, telling me to come down to entertain her & Caitlin. So we hung out for a while, doing photo shoots and chatting about the Right Rev., and I managed to introduce them to TV On The Radio and Klaxons. You know what the best part is? They loved both groups. HELLO. My taste in music is phenomenal, thank you.

Oh, and another really exciting Amanda/Caitlin/music-related thing: while in the car to Movie Gallery, we heard Hang Me Up To Dry by the Cold War Kids on a local radio station. I mean, shit, son--this is rural Missouri. How the fuck did such an amazing band get on the radio here, of all places?
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    Klaxons - Golden Skans