January 20th, 2007

golden skans

light touch my hands in a dream of golden skans.

Okay, now that I'm more or less confident that things will properly come through, it's time to divulge a bit more information on next year's living situation. I'll be living in an apartment not too far from campus, with one of the girls with whom I work (Jessika) and her roommate, Danielle. I'll have my own room, rent + utilities won't be too awful, and it looks to be a good situation all around. Jessika and I get along famously, and we shook on it last night (er, this morning). We sign the lease in February.

I am becoming truly obsessed with Klaxons. I've whored them out a number of times before, but seriously, they're fucking amazing. Go check out this page to see full-length videos (I recommend Golden Skans, Gravity's Rainbow, and Atlantis To Interzone) and listen to some songs. I've spent hours listening to them this afternoon. Within the space of just a few weeks, Golden Skans made it into my Top 5 Songs Of All Time. (Other songs in that illustrious list: The Wrens - Surprise, Honeycomb; TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me; Mogwai - Hunted by a Freak; and, depending on my mood, Calexico - All Systems Red. I'm such an indie whore.)

Please tell me that I'm not the only (liberal) person who objects to Hillary Clinton's planned ascension to the throne? Clinton's running for presidency is such a ridiculously awful idea that I'm very nearly speechless with rage/anger. Needless to say, I hope like hell that someone better comes by ASAP.
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