January 5th, 2007


blah blah blah something about nipples blah blah

I head back to Kirksville tomorrow. Believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to going back... three language classes (!), no more sitting around the house feeling worthless, and people to actually hang out with for a change. And by "people" I really mean "Amanda."

Oh god. I have one friend and we don't even talk when we're not in the same state. I'm doomed to an eternity of loneliness. As long as I've got books (and languages) in which I can drown my pain, I should be fine. I just narrowly avoided a dangling preposition! Hohoho!

I really don't feel that great right now. I don't know where I could've gotten anything, since I've been embracing my misanthropic/antisocial lifestyle & have barely stepped foot outside the house. Hopefully I have a nice, deadly, contagious disease. Maybe House will show up. Maybe he'll threaten me of lying! And then I can tell him that Tritter is being used as a foil for him! And that they're both total assholes! And that he should really just impregnate Cuddy already! And my head really, really aches. :(
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