January 4th, 2007

consider it dug

She's a woman, you know what I mean

My plans for tonight fell through, so I've found myself reading and computing. Shocking, I know.

There's a community on LJ's spotlight (50bookchallenge) that I briefly considered joining. Basically, you try to read 50 books in a year--a very respectable goal.

Reasons why I'm not going to participate:
1. Since January 1, I have read 9.5 books. 50 books in a year is next to useless for me.
2. I read 50 books in the first two weeks of 2006, so I already know I can do it. Hell, I've been able to do it since I was 9 years old.
3. I have Fits of Reading, in which I read non-stop for several weeks at a time, and then I go into reading the occasional book whenever the mood strikes. I like it like this.
4. My "I'm a gigantic asshole" reason: I'd totally ruin morale. "lololol yeah i reached 50 books on january 10th" "omg lol *quits* *kills self*"

On a semi-related topic, my mother calls me a nerd on a regular basis. Hey, at least I only geek out about languages and books and writing, and none of that really nerdy stuff. I think I'll avoid describing what I consider "really nerdy," since my Trekkie and Lord of the Sucks friends will probably kill me if I--oh, wait--

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