January 1st, 2007

furious angels

Is it a war zone?

"And the world will still be imperfect, because men are imperfect. Good men will still be killed by bad, or sometimes by other good men, and there will still be pain and disease and famine, anger and hate. But if you work and care and are watchful, as we have tried to be for you, then in the long run the worse will never, ever triumph over the better. And the gifts put into some men... shall light the dark corners of life for all the rest, in so brave a world." Silver on the Tree by Susan Cooper, p272

I love good stories. (Books read in 2007: 1.)

I have four full days left in Chicago and I haven't seen a single person yet. For that matter, I haven't seen a single person since August, and before that, early July. Honestly, I've become fairly well convinced that I don't actually have any friends here anymore. And, somehow, that is utterly unsurprising.

If you want to hang out before I go back to Kirksville, I suggest you get into contact with me ASAP. It's not like I have anything better to do. Plus, there's a chance that I won't be back this semester--or this summer...
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