December 21st, 2006

this is me

I made a lot of mistakes

I should be writing this in French, but I'm not really in the mood:


Dr. F fucked with my grade so much to get that, I swear to god. My real grade is in the 85% range. I also got an A in Russian. My other grades weren't too awful (except Phonetics, but there's no use in crying over spilled, uh... phonemes?). Huzzah for not totally sucking!

My day included: shopping (ugh), watching Little Miss Sunshine (very good movie, I highly recommend it), going to the dentist (my teeth are looking "very good." No word yet on the wisdom teeth situation...), hearing the title of HP7 (really, really good, IMHO), getting into a Sufjan mood. God. What an asshole. Fuck you, you rancid, festering pseudo-indie twat, and take your crying bullshit with you. LAME!
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    Sufjan Stevens - Chicago