December 10th, 2006

if you dare

I Hate Finals: part one.

This was a fairly eventful weekend. It started off with a rousing game of Risk in C-Hall with Nathan and some other people, followed up by the worst four hours ever. I mean, seriously, not only was I working alone, but only one person came in after 4am (Jayne, and we had a nice chat; she works weekends at Shitty's--er, sorry, Pancake City).

Sleep was a recurring theme throughout the weekend. As in, I didn't get enough of it and naps didn't seem to help.

Today was a French group meeting/Russian study session with Prof. Beane/massive French writing. Ugh, French. I've got 3/9 pages written. Amanda called and we hung out for a while, and then I went to the hall desk meeting to make shifts for next semester. I got royally shafted--I work 2-6am every weekend. At least I'll be working with people I know (Jess again, and Brandy).

Tomorrow: Phonetics/Algebra studying; French meeting at noon; more Phonetics/Algebra until 7pm, at which point I'll go to the Russian tutoring for more Declension Awesomeness; and then back to my room for more Phonetics/Algebra. I'll also work on (and finish) the next 6 pages of French... if I find the time. Gulp.
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