December 5th, 2006


mmm placentalicious

Big news for the morning: I UNDERSTAND THE PHONOLOGICAL PROCESSES! And I remember the diacritic marks! Of course, I'm still going to bomb my Phonetics test... but dammit, this is exciting!

I still haven't touched the Russian vocab yet, but I'll head over to the library maybe a half hour before class. I want to give myself more time to study Phonetics. :'(

French: I have 9 pages to write, 3 short stories to read, and some minor studying to do--all by Thursday. Oh my dear sweet jesus. I'm fucked. I'm going to try to get at least 5 pages done tonight.

Study study study!!!11142356fetus4578927
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Baby, it's a freebie, you sure look deprived.

Russian vocab quiz: :)

Phonetics test: the first three pages = :), last two = :'(

I ran into a girl from my class in the c-store right after the test, and she said that the answer to the last question was Child B... dammit! I originally had B but then I switched to A. I completely forgot to look the age shit up. At least I didn't fall for any of the liquid nonsense!

I now have 10 pages to write for French. Oh Boy. Merdey fuck ass shit. I'm comforting myself with potato chips and chocolate and television until I get up the will to write. (& I did just that. Oh boy...)

A Serious Thought: am I an atheist or an antitheist? I believe that religion is extraordinarily harmful and/or destructive. I do not support a "god" or "gods" in any form they may take. I never had and I never will have "faith" in something I can't see or experience. On the other hand, I do believe that everyone has the right to believe in whatever they'd like, although this generally leads to pushing their beliefs on others. In Conclusion: penis.
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