November 25th, 2006

history's great navigators

something of an anomaly.

Adam's Definitive "To Do" List, With Commentary!:

1. Write.
- LOLLzZZ J/K!!!

2. Find a place to live next year.
- i.e. roommates, apartment/house, etc--just in case the other situation doesn't work out.

3. Declare my major(s).
- official decision: French & Russian majors, International Studies minor. I can also overload a few semesters so I can take German or Chinese.

4. Get some piercings/tattoos.
- f'realz this time. Honest.

5. Study.
- oh, my poor, innocent GPA. (For a change, I'm not actually being melodramatic.)

6. Stop spending so much money/get a second job.
- Yeah yeah, it's not like I spend all that much money as it is, but I really need some cash. Graduating on time/traveling is worth it.

7. Exercise.
- I repeat: LOLLLz j/k!!!
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