November 16th, 2006

if you dare

Is that your arm or is that your leg?

I actually have time to write tonight! It shall begin right after I finish up this entry.

French stuff: my French class next semester consists entirely of people from my current French class. We watched TV5, took another placement test, and did random talking in class today. I don't know why, but that week off has resulted in a vast improvement in my French abilities. As in, I'm halfway articulate now. Huzzah!

School stuff: I think I'm just going to declare my major in French and minors in Russian & International Studies. It'd be easy, I can focus on Russian after I graduate, and yeah. I'll probably end up teaching English abroad after college. Hopefully in Russia, unless I slit my wrists over the fucking perfective. God. Lamest grammatical rule ever.

For that matter, I really need to go see about studying abroad. I've put it off long enough. The current plan is to spend my junior year in either France or Switzerland. I don't know which I'd prefer. I just want somewhere where I can be immersed in French and have the opportunity to study Russian and German. Not terribly difficult. If my plans work out, I'll be at least conversational in four languages by the time I graduate.

I'm a morning person at heart. I tried to sleep in today (yay for writing French papers the day before they're due for a change), but I was still up at 6am. I am a pathetic excuse for a college student.

Tomorrow: Russian vocab quiz, Algebra test. Saturday: write-in at 2pm, Russian Club at 6:30pm, work at 10:30pm. Monday: Russian vocab quiz. Tuesday: Russian test, freedom!
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